Kryten Head

Kryten HeadA Kryten Head from the episode Beyond a Joke. This prop comes from the scene where Kryten has slaved away cooking up lobster for Lister, only for Lister to then ask Kryten for some brown sauce.  
Shocked & disgusted by this, Krytens head then spectacularly explodes.

Two Kryten Heads are better than one

Robert Llewllyn would wear a latex mask for day to day filming; but to achieve this scene, a wax head was made. In fact two wax heads were made. One was rigged with explosives, and then a duplicate backup made in case something went wrong with the take.

Kryten Head explodesThis Kryten head is of course the backup head, as the 1st take was good enough, and the head obliterated.
Heads like this are pretty rare, and while like me you may lust after a screen worn mask; the fact they are made of latex, means they have a short life as the latex disintegrates over the years. (It reminds me, I once went on a crusade to find an original Spitting Image puppet, but again soon found that being made of latex, my hunt turned up nothing)

Beyond a Joke scriptI also have an original matching script written by Robert Llewllyn. The script itself is fascinating, covered with many hand written notes about the various scenes by one of the special effects production team.


Title: Beyond a Joke
Series: VII
Episode: 6
Year: 1997
COA: Yes


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  1. Andrew says:

    I am sure Lister asks for Ketchup, not Brown Sauce.

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