Red Dwarf scripts

I try to collect accompanying Red Dwarf scripts for each prop in my collection.
Below is a selection.

Identity Within (the lost episode)

Identity Within lost episode script
Author: John McKay
Series VII
Episode 2
Unproduced script


Holoship Script
Author: Rob Grant & Doug Naylor
Series V
Episode 1


Epideme script
Author: Paul Alexander
Series VII
Episode 7

Beyond a Joke

Beyond a Joke script
Author: Robert Llewellyn
Series VII
Episode 6

Rear of script with some scribbles..
scribbles on rear of beyond a joke


Polymorph script
Author: Rob Grant & Doug Naylor
Series III
Episode 3

High and Low (aka Demons and Angels)

High & Low / Demons & Angels
Author: Rob Grant & Doug Naylor
Series V
Episode 5
Aired as Demons and Angels, but originally known in production as High and Low

Heartache (aka Blue)

Heartache - Blue script
Author: Kim Fuller
Series VII
Episode 5
Aired as Blue, but originally known in production as Heartache

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7 Responses to Red Dwarf scripts

  1. Stephen says:

    How much would one expect to pay for an original script – from series 2/3/4 etc?

  2. Richard says:

    I’ve got an original Polymorph Emohawk camera script A Tika to Ride script. A Camille script (Signed 2x). Peter Wragg’s personal SV5 OB S5 script. Peter Wragg’s personal Psirens script. A S3 Backwards script. Peter Wragg’s personal S3 Time Slides script. A S3 Bodyswap script A S6 Psirens Camera script (Signed 2x). Actor Shend (Warren Knott) personally owned script. A Cassandra script. And a Peter Wragg’s personally owned PSC script from S5. A Present from the Future (aka Out of Time) S6 script.

    • admin says:

      fascinating reading aren’t they, especially when they have hand written scribbles or doodles on

      • Richard says:

        Yeah, I agree. Even better when they scribble doodles on. On the script Psirens that was the late Peter Wragg persional copy he scribbled an image of Starbug on the front cover. So cool. : )

        • admin says:

          yes very cool.

          I’ve added a pic to the above under the Beyond a Joke script. On the rear of the script are some scribbles.
          Other than the phone numbers which I haven’t tried dialling yet 🙂 – a couple of strange images, have no idea what they could be.

          • Richard says:

            Sorry for the delay in responding, Yeah, loving the picture added. Thank you. I’ve also got, talking about Red Dwarf memorabilia and such, two 1998 audience tickets signed by Danny John Jules, Chris Barrie, Mac McDonald & Robert Llewellyn. And I’ve never seen one before, have a complete cast signed, including Doug Naylor, Red Dwarf director’s chair back cover.

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