Red Dwarf scripts

I try to collect accompanying Red Dwarf scripts for each prop in my collection.
Below is a selection.

Identity Within (the lost episode)

Identity Within lost episode script
Author: John McKay
Series VII
Episode 2
Unproduced script


Holoship Script
Author: Rob Grant & Doug Naylor
Series V
Episode 1


Epideme script
Author: Paul Alexander
Series VII
Episode 7

Beyond a Joke

Beyond a Joke script
Author: Robert Llewellyn
Series VII
Episode 6


Polymorph script
Author: Rob Grant & Doug Naylor
Series III
Episode 3

High and Low (aka Demons and Angels)

High & Low / Demons & Angels
Author: Rob Grant & Doug Naylor
Series V
Episode 5
Aired as Demons and Angels, but originally known in production as High and Low

Heartache (aka Blue)

Heartache - Blue script
Author: Kim Fuller
Series VII
Episode 5
Aired as Blue, but originally known in production as Heartache

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4 Responses to Red Dwarf scripts

  1. Stephen says:

    How much would one expect to pay for an original script – from series 2/3/4 etc?

  2. Richard says:

    I’ve got an original Polymorph Emohawk camera script A Tika to Ride script. A Camille script (Signed 2x). Peter Wragg’s personal SV5 OB S5 script. Peter Wragg’s personal Psirens script. A S3 Backwards script. Peter Wragg’s personal S3 Time Slides script. A S3 Bodyswap script A S6 Psirens Camera script (Signed 2x). Actor Shend (Warren Knott) personally owned script. A Cassandra script. And a Peter Wragg’s personally owned PSC script from S5. A Present from the Future (aka Out of Time) S6 script.

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