Cats Jacket

This was actually my first prop I acquired and what started me collecting.
Cats jacket is bright luminous green, made of soft velvet, with no buttons on the front, just an ornate black button on each cuff.Cats Jacket
Considering it’s age it’s in immaculate condition, and has clearly been stored well since it’s use.
Cats Jacket appears on screen in the opening sequence where he is seen piloting Starbug, and then later when they are exploring the ice planet and discover the frozen body of Caroline Carmen.

Nice Cats Jacket

Nice Jacket
I have an accompanying photo still from the opening scene, signed by Danny John-Jules. Above his signature is written “Nice Jacket“. I love that, I can almost hear the Cat saying those words.

Cat Jacket brooch
If you closely on the left lapel, you can see faint holes where the brooch was once pinned

Epideme script
I also have an original matching Epideme script written by Paul Alexander.











Screen matched:





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3 Responses to Cats Jacket

  1. Sam says:

    Is there any clothing/brand tags attached inside the jacket? I keep wondering where a lot of Cat’s jackets were aquired from (I kinda doubt that the costume designers made it all bespoke)?

    • admin says:

      I had always assumed it was bespoke, seeing as the colour is so bright, but on closer inspection there are 2 labels. Not brand labels, but one in the inside pocket that indicates its a Small size (a letter “S”). And on the inner lining a “Dry Clean Only” label.

      There are no other labels, or signs that a brand label has been removed.

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