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I’ve been a fan of Red Dwarf for years, and remember watching the very first episodes when they aired in the UK on BBC 2 in 1988.
Today, I like to collect Red Dwarf props, specifically screen used props; and set this website up to showcase my modest (but slowly growing) collection. But mainly I set this site up because it meant I can re-live a lot of the timeless humour that this show never fails to deliver.

Why Red Dwarf props?

In the modern day world of CGI, certain types of props, for example vehicles have almost become a thing of the past. It’s shows like Red Dwarf with it’s tiny budget and often Blue Peter-esque sets, is what makes owning something from that era, something special.
I will slowly be adding more items to the website as time allows, and slowly adding more items to the collection as and when I can track them down.
If you have a Red Dwarf prop you would be interested in selling, then leave me a comment on one of the posts, or if you’d just like to reminisce, share something from your own collection; or discuss one of my items – feel free.

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